Music Posters

Over the years we have worked on a diverse selection of music posters for various bands, usually to promote a record release or tour. Here are some of our favourite screen prints for Hot Chip, Django Django, Factory Floor, Gilles Petersen, Teleman and Emmy the Great.

Steven Wilson 'Article'

One Thursday in May, Steven Wilson's show 'Article' launched at the Book Club in East London. After having printed a number of the pieces for Steven, we took our pop up press to the event to create a 1 colour screen print in ultramarine blue. 

When the show then moved to Brighton's Unlimited gallery, we once again printed an exclusive print and the provate view, this time in fluorescent red.

Art Republic Yard Sale 2016

On the 5th June 2016, on a sunny day in Brighton, we were live printing at the Art Republic Yard Sale with Eelus. Eelus created 2 unique artworks (entitled Conspiracy 1 and 2), and we were screen printing a 2 colour ombre on each, before they were hand finished by the man himself. 

Lots of great artists were there on the day selling exclusive work, including Ben Eine, Magda Archer, Pure Evil and Joe Webb (you can see a full list here). 

Brighton Illustration Fair 2016

The Brighton Illustration Fair took place on the last weekend of May and we were very happy to be back for the second time. We took our pop up press and over the course of the day, we were live printing the work of Supermundane, Rose Blake and Luke Drozd. Each artwork was printed in a limited edition of just 30, and were available to buy exclusively at the event.


Rose Blake

Luke Drozd

Checking the prints with Rose Blake