'Blow Up' by Eelus

We love working with Eelus, having printed for him on numerous occasions, including amongst others, The Summoning and The Warmest Place to Hide prints. The colours and textures in his work are a joy to work with, his work suits screen printing perfectly. 

Eelus has exhibited worldwide alongside some of the biggest names in the contemporary street and urban art scene. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, film, graphic design and art history, he is known for everything from paintings, large scale murals, to detailed, thoughtful screen prints.

This print, entitled 'Blow Up', is relatively minimal compared to some of Eelus' work, but there is a beautiful simplicity in this print - the dense rich-black ink is offset with a striking red bubble. 

This print is exclusive to The Private Press 'Editions' series. 

Eelus: "I’ve never met a screen printer so genuinely enthusiastic and excited about his job than Gary at The Private Press. Ever seen a grown man weep with joy as he mixes colours or handles certain paper stocks? I have. It’s weird."

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