'Mystic Pantry'
by Lucy Sherston

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Lucy Sherston is an artist and illustrator based in Brighton. Since graduating from Leeds College of Art in 2013 Lucy has worked on a range of projects from greetings cards and posters to large scale murals and hand painted lettering.

The print features 3 colours - lilac, green and a metallic silver, printing onto a cream-coloured 270gsm paper.

This print is exclusive to The Private Press 'Editions' series, and comes signed and numbered by the artist, in an edition of 20.

Lucy: “This design started its journey as a still life, and through the process of playing with shape and composition took on a bit of a fantastical turn. I knew I wanted to create something that balanced texture and the possibilities of overlapping screen print layers with more block shapes. Working with Gary was a really great collaborative process, and through conversation and colour experiments we settled on this combination which I couldn't be happier with!”


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