'When Haro Met Sally'
by Luke Insect

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Friend of the studio Luke Insect has created another amazing print and it is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with him once again. Luke’s work with colour is incredible, and with this piece we have created a print using the CMYK colour process (i.e. printing the 4 process colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black), but each colour has had a little fluorescent added to give the colours a lift. We’ll let Luke explain more:

Luke: ‘This year I hooked up with electronic artist Deadly Avenger and we made an album as D.A.L.I called When Haro Met Sally, an 80's synth-soaked homage to childhood, endless summers and old school BMX! All the artwork was based around neon-drenched images of West Coast skate parks and BMX action from the late 70s and early 80s... And when Gary got in touch to ask if i'd like to work on another Editions collab i thought this was the perfect excuse to do something very different to the previous two, horror-themed, darker prints... This in an image from the reverse of the album artwork - old school BMX goodness, printed beautifully by Gary with neon injections of fluoro ink! RAD!’


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