'Moondance' by Matthew the Horse


We are delighted to have graphic artist Matthew the Horse (aka Matthew Hodson) contribute a piece to the Editions series.

Matthew is based in Leeds and is known for his illustration and printmaking (and indeed poetry with his 'Forwards Always' book), and has a long and impressive list of clients.

With 'Moondance' we have printed 3 complimentary greys onto GF Smith's beautiful Peregrina Majestic Marble White 290gsm, which has a stunning metallic/pearlescent shimmer when it catches the light. The intricate, illustrated lines (known as 'hatching'), overlap and create beautiful texture and depth.

Only 30 of these prints have been made.

Matthew: "Pictures on walls! Walls in our homes! I’ve always loved the notion of making a picture that perhaps might resonate with someone else enough for them to take it home and put it on their wall. What would that picture be? How would it work? I love designing prints, thinking about colour and composition and ideas. I was so happy that Gary asked me to contribute to Editions!

Moondance is supposed to evoke a sort of nostalgia for falling in love. I don’t know, I was thinking about humanity and relationships and being outdoors. I wanted to capture something very grand and magical with a very simple and naive visual language. Lets dance x"


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