'Saint Samo '
by Pure Evil

Pure Evil, aka Charles Uzzell Edwards is a world renowned artist, famed for his bold works with it's roots in the London urban art scene. We are thrilled to have Charles contribute a piece to our Editions series.

2 colours - fluorescent pink and cyan, overlap each other to create a beautiful, unusual purple. Basquiat's figure is printed in a deep indigo colour, and has been 'double-hit' (pulled twice with the squeegee) to make it richer and denser.

Printing onto GF Smith's Zen 270gsm, measuring 420x470mm in an edition of 50. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Charles: "I see this image as a type of Rorschach test. It is really up to the viewer to decide what it means. It is a celebration of the art of screenprinting".

Pure Evil

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