'Festival Folk'
by Rob Flowers

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Rob is an illustrator based in London with an interest in medieval bestiaries, Halloween ephemera, folklore and mythology, Sid and Marty Kroftt, clowns, sideshow and circuses and 80s gross-out toys’ - al of which come through in his work.

To coincide with his book (also entitled ‘Festival Folk’), we have created a really special print. Here we are screen rpting 3 colours (white, magenta and turquoise) onto GF Smith’s Softy paper, which ha an incredible, velvet-like feel, which is similar to a flock. The ink is absorbed into the paper a little, creating amazing textures in the coloured areas.

Rob: “To celebrate the release of Festival Folk, I have collaborated with The Private Press to produce a special commemorative screen print. Inspired by 1950s velvet souvenir prints, The Private Press focus on high end, unique printing techniques were the perfect studio to partner with for this print”


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