Adam Higton

by Adam Higton

Illustrator Adam Higton is best known for his images of psychedelic, folkloric characters, drawn in his distinctive, nostalgic style. Here at The Private Press we have enjoyed watching Adam's work develop over the years and are particular fans of his Cosmic Neighbourhood series.

For his contribution to Editions, Adam has created a set of 3 posters, available separately or as a set. Each print features a rich black ink printing onto 3 different shades (Lockwood Green, Purple, and Tabriz Blue) of GF Smith's Colorplan 170gsm paper.

The prints are titled, left to right, 'Tomte', 'Waving Tree' and 'Owl'

These prints are exclusive to The Private Press 'Editions' series. 

Adam: "I wanted to work with Gary at The Private Press because he's already collaborated with some really good artists and I was impressed with the high quality of his printing and attention to detail. I created a forest series of prints and I selected these 3 designs from a collection of quick drawings, my original works are very small, so when you enlarge them to this size the lines become nice and chunky."

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