'Birthday Boy'
by Euan Roberts

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Euan Roberts is a brilliant London-based artist whose work, as he describes it, "focuses on the unspectacular". 

With this print, we print a rich black and feature a stunning 24ct gold leaf, which is applied by screen printing a glue and then applygin the gold leaf onto the print.

Euan: 'A friend of mine had this cat visitor to her flat called Stan, a beautiful friendly black cat. He would act like a human, gently knocking at their door with his head, then proceed to investigate their kitchen meowing away. Sadly Stan’s owner moved away just before my friend’s Birthday, so I decided to paint her ‘Birthday Boy’ to ease their longing for dear Stan.

I jumped at the chance to work with Gary on his Editions project. When done correctly screen-printing is totally magical and for an artist it’s so exciting to see your work translated in print with real love, care and attention. Gary is an alchemist with the inks and has been wonderful to collaborate with.'


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