Glastonbury Festival 2017

We were delighted when asked by the team behind Shangri-La / Shangri-L'Art at Glastonbury to be a part of the festival for 2017.

The concept was to print work by artists in secretacross the course of the weekend, and then release the prints for free to an unsuspecting audience in the Shangri-La area after dark.

We printed the work of 7 different artists: Dan Hillier, Pure Evil, Stanley DonwoodPaul Insect, Darren Cullen, Bill Posters, and Evan Harris. We spent the afternoons printing and then at night, released the prints to the crowds. Prints were signed and numbered by the artists and the artists joined us to give away the prints.

Over the course of the weekend the queues got bigger on each successive night once word had spread. On the lats night of the festival a queue started 2 hours before the release, and in excess of 200 people were waiting to get their hands on a print.