Learn how to screen print onto paper using water based inks at our friendly, informal workshops in our Brighton studio. Workshops usually take place between 6-8pm on Monday evenings.

We offer two kinds of workshop:

Beginner Workshops
These workshops are best suited to beginners or someone with a basic knowledge of screen printing. We keep class sizes small (up to 2 per session) so you have plenty of opportunity to use the equipment. Cost £60 per person per session or £95 per session for 2 people, inclusive of all materials. All materials are provided. 

Bespoke Workshops
This option is suitable if you have previous screen printing experience, perhaps you are an illustrator or designer looking to print your own small edition. You create your own digitally-prepared artwork in advance, we make the films for you and take you through the entire process. This is a one to one course, and each session costs £75, inclusive of all materials. 

People of Print featured our workshops in their article on the top 20 printing workshops in the UK. 

Contact us to find out more about our workshops and check availability.