Dave's hand drawn acetates we used to make the screens

Dave Towers

Dave Towers

'POP' by Dave Towers

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We first met Dave whilst working in the advertising industry many years ago.  Dave's career has since gone on to great things but it is recent typographic work that we are focusing on with his Editions print. 

Since 2016, Dave has been sharing his videos of him at work on his Instagram page, videos of him creating his bespoke typographic posters - stunning hand painted originals using bold shape and colour, which are fascinating to watch come to life. 

In his work,  Dave uses 30mm wide acrylic marker pens to create his pieces, and here he has drawn directly onto 'trugrain' transparenies, which were then used to expose the screens. This has captured the movement and drag of the pen across it's surface. Unusually, no digital processes were used in the creation of this print. 

The colours (orange and an almost-fluorescent pink) were then mixed to be semi-opaque, to give that sense of depth and texture where the colours overlap. 


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