by Tom Abbiss Smith

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Tom Abbiss Smith is an artist specialising in digital collage, painting and printmaking. His work explores shape and form to produce abstract works and is often applied as surface pattern design to clothing, homeware products and accessories.

We love Tom's use of colour and specifically the way he layers colour and so we were thrilled to have Tom contribute to the Editions series.

With 'Cast' we print 3 semi opaque colours on top of one another (purple, pink and then yellow), combined with clever use of halftone dots to create additional shades, creating beautifully detailed depth and texture.

Only 30 of these prints have been made and it is exclusive to The Private Press 'Editions' series.

Tom: 'This screen print explores compositions in nature, specifically the depths and layers of shadow and light in natural habitats. I wanted to portray how leaves/shadows interact with each other to create dynamic compositions. I decided to purposefully allow inks to overlay through variations of opacity to achieve the effects seen in the print and illustrate these characteristics of nature.'


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