by Clay Hickson

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Clay Hickson is an illustrator based in LA, with a brilliant portfolio of work. He has a very varied client list but he is also known for being the founder of Tan & Loose Press - an independent publisher of prints and zines, most of which are Riso printed. 

'Deception' is a truly stunning piece which makes great use of the 3 complimentary colours it prints - metallic copper, fluorescent red and brown. The metallic copper is really impressive in the light, and work really well with the punchy fluorescent red. There is a lot to love about this print!

Only 25 prints have been made and it is exclusive to The Private Press 'Editions' series.

Clay: 'In a way, this is print is the release of several years of pent up frustration from working almost exclusively on a Risograph printer. I jumped at the chance to work with a professional like Gary to produce some real high quality prints and wanted to take advantage of all the benefits of screen printing (tight registration, limitless color palette, etc...). The result is fluorescent tale of love, infidelity, obsession and revenge.'


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