Hello Marine

Hello Marine

'Terrazzo Plant'
by Hello Marine

Hello Marine is an illustrator, printmaker and pattern lover based in the UK but hailing from France. Marine's style is bold and colourful and her work has featured in galleries, shops and publications around the world. Her clients include Heal's, Lacoste, Time Out, The NY Times, Penguin, amongst many others. We love Marine's use of colour and so it was a joy to print this with her - the glossy inks used on the leaves and the flower pot add another dimension to the piece. 

This print is exclusive to The Private Press 'Editions' series. 

Marine: "I was really happy when Gary asked me to be part of Editions. I saw him printing before and he really knows his craft. The idea behind this print comes for both my love for botanical illustration and pattern making. I've also just come back from LA where I saw lots of these terrazzo patterns within the architecture and thought it would be great to take it back and reproduce it within my work. It also showcases perfectly Gary's screen printing skills, playing on colour and opacities."


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